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Greetings, fellow Truth-Cadets!

You ever look up at the sky and wonder what else is out there? Well it's us, Mythic Hunters!

Mythic Hunters is an original scripted comedy-horror podcast, framed as episodes of the local broadcast paranormal investigation radio show "Mythic Hunters." The show is hosted by washed-up former weatherman, Burke Ashley (Kirk Novak), and unnervingly cheerful field reporter, Sierra Peralta (Savanna Parra). Focusing on a new urban legend every week, each episode features Burke interviewing two guests in the studio, a witness and an expert, while Sierra hunts down the monster on her own.


Mythic Hunters consists of six episodes, 10-20 minute in length, and is unrated, intended for adult audiences. Episodes will air October 3, 2022 - November 7, 2022. Mythic Hunters was created by Sara Ghaleb and  E. Sandero, and produced by Lauren Bancroft. 


Mythic Hunters is a Bancroffed Inc. Production

TrailerMythic Hunters
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Trailer content warning for alcohol abuse, fire

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