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Mythic Hunters: Life is a big mythic hunt!

What is it?

Mythic Hunters is an original scripted comedy-horror podcast, framed as episodes of a local broadcast paranormal investigation radio show. The program is hosted by washed-up former weatherman, Burke Ashley (Kirk Novak), who will tell anyone who will listen that he is not a believer in the supernatural. The show’s other host is hapless field reporter, Sierra Peralta (Savanna Parra), who brings a positive attitude to her monster hunts even though they always end with her in deadly peril. Focusing on a new monster or urban legend every week, each episode features Burke interviewing a witness and an expert in the studio while Sierra hunts down the monster at a new location. 


The series is set in present day New Mexico, although Sierra travels all over the United States on her hunts.


Quick facts:

Number of episodes: 6

Length of episodes: 10-20 minutes long

Genre: Comedy-horror, dark comedy

Release Schedule: Mondays 12:00am (PST) starting October 3rd 2022

Audience: Mature audiences, not appropriate for children

Content Warnings: Every episode features alcohol abuse and descriptions of death and violence. Specific content warnings are in the show notes of each episode so people can decide how comfortable they are with the subject matter of the show.

Logline: Late night paranormal investigation show, Mythic Hunters, is hosted by a drunk skeptic in the studio, who is unaware his co-host in the field has very real encounters with every monster she investigates.

Who is it for?

Mythic Hunters is for fans of horror, conspiracies, and urban legends who are looking for a laugh. While the show has a dark, outrageous, sense of humor our goal is to bring fun to our audience. 


Who are we?


The Cast, in order of appearance:

Kirk Novak - Burke Ashley (all episodes)

Savanna Parra - Sierra Peralta (all episodes)

James Oliva - Stanley 1.01 and Don Kring the Doll King in 1.04

Nelinda Palomino - Dr. Linda Alpacino 1.01, 1.05 and Jo the Wrangler in 1.06

Sid Raskind - Will 1.02

Honora Talbott - Nora Fox 1.02

Ryan Pigg - Ryan 1.03, Alvie 1.04, and Children 1.05

Lauren Bancroft - Lauren Bandstand 1.03, Doll voice 1.04, and Children 1.05

Kate Novak - Kara 1.04

John Pingel - Alvie 1.04

Kimberly Truong - Kimberly 1.05

Bill Posley - Trey 1.06


The Crew: 

Sara Ghaleb - Co- Creator, Writer, Director

E. Sandero  - Co- Creator, Writer, Director

Lauren Bancroft - Producer, Recording Engineer, Editor

Erik Jourgensen - Original intro and outro music

Dylan Farr - Cover Art


About the Team:  

Ghaleb, Sandero, and Bancroft all met on a sketch team, The Burbs, at The Ruby LA Theater, a feminist and inclusive comedy space in Los Angeles, California. Ghaleb and Sandero were the team’s off stage writers, and Bancroft was a performer and stage manager. They quickly learned that with their skills combined they were a comedy powerhouse. Their goal in creating Mythic Hunters was to showcase the talent of their fellow Burbs, as well as just have fun. This is Sara Ghaleb’s second original audio drama (she co-created the fictional true crime series Arden in 2018) and Lauren Bancroft is currently producing the CBS Diversity Showcase.


How to experience Mythic Hunters?


Apple Podcasts:



Google Podcasts:

Pod Catcher:


Amazon Music:





Radio Public:


Transcripts will be available for free on our website same day as release on the “Episodes” page HERE


Release schedule: Mythic Hunters will release Mondays, starting October 3rd, 2022. The six episodes will air the same date for all platforms and there is no paywall.


Social media: @mythichunters on Instagram

@BigMythicHunt on twitter

Contact us at:


Cover Art by Dylan Farr

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