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Episode 0 - Trailer

We're making a paranormal investigation show! Isn't that exciting!

TrailerMythic Hunters
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Trailer content warning for alcohol abuse, fire

Episode 1 - La Llorona

Sierra here! It's our first episode and we're hunting La Llorona, a ghost that drowns lost children! Isn't that exciting?!

Episode 3 - M.I.B.

Sierra here! This week we're hunting the Men In Black, mysterious beings that erase people's memories. Now you're probably asking yourself, who are the Men in Black? They're mysterious beings that... that... Sierra here! this week...

Episode 5 - Black Eyed Kids

Sierra here! This special Halloween episode we're hunting the Black Eyed Kids, childlike creatures that kill you seven days after meeting them! Join us to see if we can lure some black eyed kids into our van with candy! Trick or treat!

Episode 2 - Werewolves

Sierra here! This week we're hunting werewolves. Are they wolves? Are they men? Or are they waiting for the right human woman to come along?

Episode 4 - Haunted Doll

Sierra here! This week we're hunting haunted dolls! The show was nice enough to book me a room at a haunted doll hotel! My favorite doll is watching me right now, wait... where'd he go?

Episode 6 - Chupacabra

Sierra here! I'm finally hosting an episode from the studio! We're hunting for the chupacabra, a creature that only kills goats. Just goats, right? Right? Probably!

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